PT2 Dissections

Author : Gavin Theobald

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As for PT dissections, PT2 dissections are created using a P strip and a T strip. But now the P strip is overlaid at an angle such that the area of overlap is half that of each shape. As for PP2 dissections this requires that the strip is overlaid a second time to complete the dissection.

Each P strip is overlaid so that its edges pass through one red and one blue anchor point of the T strip.

So to dissect a greek cross to a hexagon we first obtain strips for these two polygons:

Greek Cross strip Hexagon strip

These strips are now overlaid.

This gives the following dissection:

The next dissection does not fit into any category. The latin cross is split into two pieces, one of twice the area of the other. The smaller piece forms a P strip and the larger piece forms a T strip of twice the width. Each is overlaid over the hexagram strip at the same angle. It is only possible to overlay the strips at the same angle because of the geometric relationships of the two latin cross strips. So the final dissection is part PP and part PT.

Hexagram - Latin Cross Hexagram - Latin Cross

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